In Memory of Glenn Vaughan

Houston Chronicle
December 21, 2004

(c) Houston Astros
GLENN EDWARD VAUGHAN, a long-time resident of Houston, passed away of natural causes on December 18, 2004.

Born on February 16, 1944 in Compton, California, Glenn graduated from Lamar High School in Houston in 1961. Following high school, he played for the Houston Colt .45s professional baseball team, graduated from the University of Houston and served in the Army and Coast Guard Reserves.

He was the former owner of Vaughan & Company Fire and Casualty Insurance Agency, a CIC; CEO of Ticor Title Services; and a real estate investor.

Glenn enjoyed weekends in Richmond, Texas and summers in New Mexico. He was a past director of Lakeside Country Club, an avid golfer and a marathon runner. He was also a member of the Independent Insurance Agents Association, St. Martin's Episcopal Church, the Major League Baseball Players Alumni Association and the Lincoln County Sheriff's Posse.

He is survived by Ken Vaughan, father; Betsy Vaughan, his wife of 38 years; Wayne Vaughan, son; Jenny Vaughan Lorentzatos, daughter; Niko Lorentzatos, son-in-law; Luke and Rebecca Lorentzatos, grandchildren (who affectionately called him "Rowdy"); Geoff Vaughan, nephew; Buzzy Schwarz, brother-in-law, and wife Rosalie; John Schwarz, brother-in-law, and wife Cherry; and numerous nieces and nephews. Glenn is preceded in death by his mother, Gerrie Vaughan, and his brother, Richard W. Vaughan.

He loved playing, following and coaching all sports and treasured the friendships he made along the way. The family wishes to acknowledge and thank this special union of friends whom he admired and always felt a close unspoken bond.

Glenn was an ideal dad, loving husband, great son, wonderful grandfather and good friend. He will be remembered for the smile on his face, his mischievous laugh and willingness to do anything for those he loved.

A private family service is planned.