Astros come back
Everett, Lidge shine in 5-3 victory
Game Photos  

Everett steals third after
game-winning double
(c) AP / Dave Einsel
The Houston Astros beat their Lone Star twins, the Texas Rangers, in front of 40,796 of the faithful at Union Station Friday night.

The Rangers' Joaquin Benoit walked the bases full in the eighth before unlikely hero Adam Everett launched a three-run double to the baby green monster in left field.

Closer Brad Lidge came on in the ninth, and he looked like his old self. Brad rared back and threw those "here it is, hit it if you can" fastballs, just like he used to. He made feared first-baseman Mark Teixeira look like Sandra Dee at the plate.

If we are lucky, Lidge is regaining his confidence after the Pujols HR last year. It was his first save since May 4.

Kevin Millwood (4-3, 4.80) takes on Andy Pettitte (3-4, 4.76) at 6 p.m. Saturday in Game 2 of the battle for the laughable Silver Boot.

Living where I do near Seattle, I learned for the first time this night that the Mariners' "natural" rivals in the NL are the San Diego Padres. No one I know up here knew that they had a fight with San Diego. Anyone with a brain likes that little burg.

-- submitted by Darrell Pittman