Houston Astros 2004 NLCS Photo Gallery

Houston Astros
NL Wild Card Champions

VS. St. Louis Cardinals
NL Central Champions


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Game 1 at St. Louis - Cardinals 10, Astros 7
Wednesday, October 13th

Carlos Beltran stays hot
with a first-inning bash.

...but the Cardinals have
power to respond.

Reggie Sanders gives
Albert Pujols a hand.

Then Larry Walker
spanks a triple.

Lance Berkman tries in
vain but the Astros
lose a 10-7 slugfest.

Game 2 at St. Louis - Cardinals 6, Astros 4
Thursday, October 14th

Chad Harville reacts to
Scott Rolen's homer which
gave the Cards a 4-3 lead.

Dan Wheeler holds the
fort for two innings.

...but Albert Pujols slams
Dan Miceli for the 6-4 victory.

Game 3 at Houston - Astros 5, Cardinals 2
Saturday, October 16th

A moment of silence is
held for Ken Caminiti.

Jeff Kent blasts a
two-run shot in the first.

Roger Clemens allows a
pair of early runs.

Carlos Beltran doubles in the
third but is left on.

Clemens settles down...

...and leaves after 7
with a 3-2 lead.

Then Beltran homers
to extend the lead.

...And Brad Lidge closes
out the 5-2 triumph.

Game 4 at Houston - Astros 6, Cardinals 5
Sunday, October 17th

Down 4-1, Lance Berkman
starts the comeback.

Then Carlos Beltran homers
for the 6-5 victory.

...leaving manager Phil
Garner all smiles.

Game 5 at Houston - Astros 3, Cardinals 0
Monday, October 18th

Brandon Backe pitched
the game of his career.

...With some help
from Carlos Beltran.

Then Jeff Kent took
one mighty swing.

...And broke the scoreless
tie with a walk-off homer.

Putting Houston one win
away from the World Series.

Game 6 at St. Louis - Cardinals 6, Astros 4
Wednesday, October 20th

Pete Munro was
roughed up early.

...but Mike Lamb brings
Houston back with a homer.

Brad Ausmus tried to
keep the score close.

...but Jim Edmonds won it
in the 12th to tie the series.

Game 7 at St. Louis - Cardinals 5, Astros 2
Thursday, October 21st

Craig Biggio gets Game 7
off to a good start.

...but a tiring Roger Clemens
struggled against the Cards.

Jim Edmonds bedeviled
the Astros again.

Scott Rolen took
Clemens deep in the 6th.

...And the Cards won to
advance to the World Series.

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All photos courtesy the Houston Astros, Major League Baseball or the Associated Press.