Shopping for Houston Astros merchandise
Shopping for Astros merchandise

(c) Houston Astros

(c) Houston Astros
I had a birthday not too long ago, and my wife and sister-in-law both decided to buy me some Astros-related merchandise for a gift. Unfortunately, we live just north of Dallas and all of the sport shops carry merchandise for the Rangers, Yankees, and Braves. Oh sure, there's occasionally some Mariners or Dodgers stuff available, but finding a decent selection of Houston Astros gear is next to impossible.

Naturally, they came to the Astros Daily to look for links to Astros merchandise and found none. After getting all of my cool birthday gifts, I was told that the website needed a page for people who are shopping for Astros merchandise. I agreed, and so here it is.

Disclaimer: the Astros Daily website is not affiliated with any of these online retailers, so do not consider a listing on this page to be an endorsement of a particular retailer. These are the links that my wife and sister-in-law used to look for gifts, and I present them here to save time for other potential gift-givers and to make it easier to find competitive prices.

The Shops:

(c) Houston Astros

(c) Houston Astros
Major League Baseball Shop

Dick's Sporting Goods

Fan's Edge

Fog Dog

GameTime USA

Oshman's Sporting Goods

The Sporting News Pro Shop

The Sports Authority

Sports Fan Outlet