The Fanboy Problem

added 8/26/2013 by Scott Barzilla

For those of us in the writing business, the whole idea of a living, breathing dictionary is a fascinating topic. Webster's dictionary (and others) officially add and delete words every year. According to the dictionary application on my phone, the term "fanboy" doesn't exist, but I expect that to be remedied in the next few years. I suppose one could look at it as evolution, but when I see "crunk" in the dictionary, I'm not so sure it should be labeled evolution.

The concept of "fanboyism" could trace its roots almost anywhere, but I like to look back at the debate between Microsoft and Apple. Those that are technologically inclined (and even those that aren't) have taken one side or another as if they are casting the ballot between Democrats and Republicans. Apple supporters like to call Microsoft an evil corporation that's just in it for the profit. I suppose that makes Apple a communal non-profit. Obviously, this is not the case but, in a black-and-white, evil-or-good world, you would think there was some sort of difference.