Mickey Herskowitz - The Curator of Baseball

added 4/12/2008 by James Anderson

The definition of "Curator" is one who manages or oversees as in a museum. When it comes to the history of Major League Baseball in the city of Houston, Texas where the sport first made it's appearance in the Spring of 1962, Mickey Herskowitz had already been hard at work for several years campaigning to bring Major League Baseball to Houston.

From that first day in Spring of '62 Mickey Herskowitz began to mold and form what would later become the foundation of the history and heritage of baseball for the next 40 plus years. As the first Major League Baseball beat-writer in the state of Texas for the Houston Post Mickey already had his hand on the pulse of the game and from that point on until his retirement, helped to preserve the history and heritage of the game through his talented writing and witty and unique viewpoints. Mickey shared his great talent in his daily commentaries and columns with the hundreds of thousand of fans who eventually would view the name Mickey Herskowitz as a household name. It is from this, the reason Mickey Herskowitz can rightly be described as the Curator of Baseball in Houston, Texas.

Mickey Herskowitz would eventually become known nationally as a great sports writer as a result of the many books he's written on the subject including the writing of the biography of Mickey Mantle plus co-authoring over 40 books including the autobiographies of Bette Davis, Dan Rather, Nolan Ryan, Muhammad Ali, Howard Cosell and others just to name a few. Mickey's Letters From Lefty which he featured daily in the Houston Chronicle would come to codify the name Mickey Herskowitz as a sports legend to all those who dearly enjoyed reading those beloved stories.

In 1962, The Baseball Writers Association of America inaugurated an annual award called The J.G. Taylor Spink Award named after the late editor of The Sporting News. The award honors a baseball writer "for meritorious contributions to baseball writing" and is presented at the Baseball Hall of Fame Induction Ceremonies held annually at Cooperstown, New York. (BBWAA)

As of this writing, the name Mickey Herskowitz is not included among the list of Honoree's who have been chosen for The J. G. Taylor Spink Award Award. It is a stunning miscarriage of justice that few have taken the time to help place Mickey's name among his peers in Cooperstown, many of whom who were still in diapers when Mickey was pounding the keys as a baseball beat writer for The Houston Post.

The word "legendary" is not a word that I arbitrarily toss around but if there is anyone who deserves to have that word applied to them, it is Mickey Herskowitz.

With Mickey's name still absent from the hallowed halls of Cooperstown, it has certainly been way past the time to correct this error. The Baseball Writers Association of America has a task before them that I consider a win-win situation simply by all collectively raising their hands in support of the legendary Mickey Herskowitz for the prestigious J.G. Taylor Spink Award.

It's a natural in my opinion and I hope the BBWAA will grant Mickey his rightful place among his peers in Cooperstown.

Listen to Mickey Herskowitz call the end of a Colt .45s game in 1963.